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If beauty is what inspires you and you want to live in a place surrounded by natural beauty, Albanchez is a town for you. Located in the norther side of Filabres mountain range, Albanchez is a town distinct for its white profile. A considerable part of the town however resides in the Natural park of Sienna Magina. The houses here are almost all covered with natural tiles on the roofs depicting the love for simplicity yet elegance in the lives of its people. The rich green valley spread around the town are a constant source of attraction and never-deeming beauty.

The residents here are mostly indulged in marble industries as a source of their income. Marble is a very prominent jewel in the area as most of the area’s earning is through it. Those who are not a part of these industries mostly settle for agriculture producing ample amounts of fruits, vines and almonds with the locals making a considerable amount of profit for running their families. The agrarian industry is also funded as a result of which the quality has only become better and better.

The history of this town is a complicated one. It was won its way through years, emerging in 1436, handed over by the Catholic Kings to the Don Pedro Menrique de Lara who was the Duke of Najera. It further went into many hands until 1572 when 14 families repopulated the land and gave it a face of a proper town. Today it is a town well noticed by the foreigners who prefer to reside in a town surrounded by peace and beauty.  RMB Spain, let us know if you would like more information or property ideas.


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