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Marketing Finished New Developments

Docs required:

  • General plans of the site, the unit & annexes (garage/ storeroom etc) o­n a minimum scale of 1:100
  • Building specifications report (Memoria de calidades).
  • All the administrative permits or the equivalent administrative procedures necessary for using or occupying a house, its annexes, public areas and additional services (if any are unavailable, please specify).
  • Nota simple or equivalent
  • Libro del Edificio (building manual): A statement mentioning that it is at the consumer's disposal.

Info required:

Project info:


  • Name or Corporate Name
  • Address
  • Registration details in the Registro Mercantil

Real Estate Agency or intermediary:

  • Name or Corporate Name
  • Address
  • Registration details in the Registro Mercantil

Project designer:

  • Name or Corporate Name
  • Address

Project manager

  • Name or Corporate Name
  • Address

Building company

  • Name or Corporate Name
  • Address

Property info:

  • Nota simple
  • Details of annexes not mentioned in nota simple (parking, garden etc)
  • Description of the house and its annexes.
  • Description of all utility networks (electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, etc.) and fire protection equipment.
  • General description of the building or complex, public areas and additional services. Date of delivery of the property (month and year)
  • Encumbrances and easements of the property, its premises and accesses
  • The date that the site has to be handed in by the developer
  • Insurance policy's name, address and number (as per Section 19 of the Ordenacin de la Edificacin (Building Regulation) Law 38/1999 dated 5th November)

Financial info:

  • Total price
  • Price of the annexes (parking, storeroom) if available for separate Purchase:
  • All taxes and fees applicable to the purchase transaction that are the purchaser's responsibilities by Law.
  • Method of payment
  • Period during for the price is valid
  • Conditions of the contract (the way in which the contract and its general and special conditions are going to be written should be specified)
  • Additional Information (optional)

Disclaimer: This information is an interpretation of the Decreto 218/2005 law and we are not responsible for mistakes or inaccuracies caused by translation or incorrect interpretation of the law.