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Royal Decree 218/2005

Information on the Royal Decree 218/2005

The Regional Government of Andalucía approved a Decree concerning the regulations governing the information that is to be provided to potential consumers of sale and rental properties situated within Andalucía.  These regulations outlined in Real Decreto 218/2005 are aimed at attaining greater transparency within the property market in Andalucía by offering and providing an information pack disclosing a more complete overview of the property concerned.

This is an upgrade of the law introduced in 1989 aimed at protecting consumers concerning documents and additional information to be provided when purchasing and renting a property.  Due to certain defects and inadequacies within the Real Decreto 515/1989 new regulations were made covering the Autonomous Region of Andalucía.  These new regulations are to be adhered to without prejudice in maintaining the basic precepts established o­n a nationwide level throughout Spain.

For information on the consumer Decree Junta de Andalucia website

In addition to this paperwork we (or your legal representative) are also to prepare an informative document (DIA) which provides an overview of information concerning the property in a transparent manner which is to be readily available to a potential purchaser.  Much of this information is derived from the paperwork listed above with additional information being required e.g.  General description of the property etc.  We may also require additional information depending o­n the type of property you are selling.

Please click o­n the links above and select your property type according to its situation and be sure to provide all the necessary paperwork stated that is applicable to your property.

If you could provide us with the paperwork listed above at your earliest convenience that would be most appreciated.  Failure to present the aforementioned paperwork must result in abandonment of the promotion of your property until we receive it, and therefore can complete the DIA.  This is of course unfortunate and we would do this reluctantly and regrettably, however this is the law and for us to be able to operate within it’s capacity we must adhere by these laws or be subject to penalties.


 Quote:  "If consumers in the UK, for example, became more aware of these new practices and regulations then the public's perception of the property market here o­n the Costa del Sol could change for the better."  Boja218