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Surveying / Structural Surveys

Know exactly what you’re buying before you commit - use our recommended surveyors to ensure there are no surprises. Employing the services of professional chartered surveyors can help you uncover any potential structural faults before you buy, with an on-site visit by an Architect for 70€ (+IVA) , a Structural Certificate for 250€ + IVA (signed by the College of Architects) or full technical report at 450€ (+IVA), also signed by the College of Architects.

Homebuyers Surveys (pre-buy), with repair advise, Building Surveys (full technical reports) and Valuation Reports for a basic financial valuation of a property that can be used by mortgage lenders/most common local banks. Also offering property surveys/valuations for Divorce & Separation valuations and Valuations for tax purposes.


Structural Surveys

Just like people, buildings also suffer pathologies and in all cases the earlier we detect and deal with any symptoms, the less it inflates the cost of repair.  Not only should we consider how to resolve cracks, moisture etc, more important is to investigate the cause that is producing those effects and stop the cause prior to repair.  The most frequently found construction problems are:

• Cracks where floor and walls meet and horizontal cracks under or on slabs or under-tiles provoked by dilatation added to absence of rendering meshes.

• Arch-shaped cracks that can represent movement in the foundations.

• Cross-shaped cracks can be evidence of movement produced by earthquakes or nearby vibrations.

• Damp: filtering damp, rising damp and condensation, the latter being due to bad air flow or insufficient insulation.

Essential before buying a home in Southern Spain is an accurate diagnosis of the state of a property with a Structural Survey. For the nominal cost of 70€ + IVA we can send an Architect and building engineer to inspect the property you wish to buy, for any visible or potential problems and give you on-site advise (or is you prefer via Skype), of the most appropriate plan of action, giving yourself peace of mind and avoiding potential hidden costs later.  You have serious concerns you may prefer the full Technical Report, officially stamped by the College of Architects, for 450€ plus IVA.


Further services the Architect can offer you: 


Small building works, combined community projects to bespoke villas, whatever the scale of your project.  If you have your own builders they offer invaluable help to mediate any works, making sure you have the correct licenses, plans or quotes for the works, with care and attention spent on each individual project, tailored to your needs and budget.



By having a Retrospective Licence/Antiquity Certificate you make not adjusted to licence buildings unobjectable and is highly recommended to avoid putting off potential buyers, being the document needed at the Notary to update the Title Deeds (Escritura) with any alterations introduced to the property.



AFO (Asimilado Fuera de Ordenacion), meaning “assimilated to out of ordination” is a special regime by the ANDALUCIAN GOVERNMENT created as an attempt to regulate the situation of a large number of not completely legal properties. Therefore affecting homes with wrong use classification, done without a license, without Occupation License etc, or for parts of the property (such as extensions or pools) that are located basically on non-residencial areas (rustic land), solving social, environmental and urban problems.



The Spanish Architect we use is a superior professional with supporting team that are second to none.  Example of Testimonials provided by happy homeowners of our (Energy Performance Certificate) EPC Services can also help give you an idication of the quality of service you might expect, and in this case are guaranteed to receive.


If you are thinking of selling your property please visit our Royal Decree page for requirements and abbreviated Vendor's Checklist to help you be prepared.


If you have any queries we can ask him to contact you (always the same day reply) - or prefer to contact directly then meet our Architect Ignacio Cano or  Architect Antonio