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Marketing Rental Property

Rental Property

Docs required:

  • Nota Simple
  • Inventory of furniture and contents
  • Community rules (if applicable)
Info required:
  • Care instructions for specialist facilities (i.e. pool)
  • Real Estate Agency or Intermediary details:
    • Name or Corporate Name
    • Address
    • Registration details in Registro Mercantil
    • Agent fees/ costs
  • Description of the property
  • General description of the building, complex, public areas and additional services
  • Description of utilities (electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Description of fire protection equipment.
  • Monthly rent of the property
  • Does this include (if not, add price per additional item):
    • Parking space rental
    • Storage room rental
    • Other (please specify)
  • Period for which above prices are valid
  • Length of contract
  • Special conditions of contract
  • Price review date (if applicable)
  • Method of payment
  • Deposit to be paid
  • Monthly cost of general expenses
  • Taxes, encumbrances and responsibilities of tenant (community fees, bills etc)
  • If these expenses have already been included in the rent, what are they exactly
  • Parts of property to be maintained by tenant
  • All licenses necessary for the use or occupation of the property, its annexes, public areas and additional services, are available.
    • Yes
    • No
    • If "No" has been marked, please specify which o­nes are not available.
  • Encumbrances and liens o­n the house
  • Administrator name or Corporate Name & Address
  • Additional information

Disclaimer: This information is an interpretation of the Decreto 218/2005 law and we are not responsible for mistakes or inaccuracies caused by translation or incorrect interpretation of the law.