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Architect Ignacio Cano

Dynamic and conscientious architect Ignacio Cano Smit (registered by ETSAM since 1995) started his professional career as a site manager for a British company specializing in the retail sector.  Followed by acting head of studio for the architect Luis Cano Rodríguez, he then founded Cano & Smit Arquitectos in 1999, which quickly became one of the most prominent practices in the Levante area of Almería.

Since then, Cano & Smit Architects have carried out all kinds of projects with special emphasis on the residential field, impressive and innovative designs backed by over twenty years of experience covering the areas of Almeria, Murcia and Madrid with studios in all three.

Architect Ignacio takes his inspiration from landscapes and respect for the environment, but also has a special interest and shows great commitment to the subject of access for the disabled.  He is a steadfast member of ASEPAU, an association of like-minded professionals who help improve the quality of life for all people, particularly those in situations of disability and/or dependency, through design and awareness.

Actively developing with new and constant experiences Architect Ignacio moves between his studios in (Vera) Almeria, Murcia and Madrid.  He has the role of Director of Architects in the prestigious company OFIMAD situated in the capital city of Madrid that focus on rehabilitating commercial property.  All this and yet he still proves to be punctual and reliable for this clients, offering advice and excellent unbiased guidance on all issues regarding property, construction and the legalities. 

Testimonials from Spanish and English clients are available, even guided tours of some local properties can be organized if you are thinking of designing your own villa and would like some additional reassurance of Cano & Smit Architects, Ignacio and his team of technical engineers.  Please contact us for more information or directly: Cano Smit Architects