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Property Finders Services

Moving to a new country is exciting, enervating but also raises many questions and creates a lot of uncertainties due to lack of knowledge. Especially in finding a house to buy or to rent you need an agency who gives you a sense of confidence, can empathize with your wishes, and have the knowledge to help you through the legal difficulties. We have dealt with a lot of different Real Estate agents over the years with varying success. Till we got in contact with Ana from RMB Spain. We have never experienced so much effort, business knowledge, unselfishness and alacrity. But most important of all was the confidences we felt with this agency. Always willing to answer our questions, deal with our difficult requirements even outside working hours. Try to find this kind of service combined with business knowledge and friendliness any where else. We are not the kind of people who write these kind of reviews on websites but for Ana from RMB Spain we happily make an exception because this agency is worth every penny. 

Thea & Jeroen