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Rental Contract Help

I found Ana’s Rental Guide for Tenants for Long Term after I’ve read a contract from my prospective landlord.  There were few things that didn’t make sense to me.  I was searching through the internet, but there was only some general and same info here and there, not helpful to me.  Then I found Ana’s guide where it was written in every detail necessary.  Ana’s guide has clarified it for me in a most professional manner, and I was right to question some entries in that contract.  I wrote to Ana and asked her to go through the contract, which she has agreed to do immediately, telling me that she would be happy to help me if she can and would let me know beforehand after reading the contract.  Then I’ve decided to go with another property and she has agreed to read that contract too!  I called her and she gave me very important advices about what should be added to that contract to protect me as a tenant.  For free, can you imagen that!  Being new in Spain I needed somebody on my side, and I found Ana.  My biggest regret that she is not my agent because I am in another area.  But her site’s guide and her personal consultation have made all the difference and saved me from costly mistakes.  I call her site a lifevest in this new waters for me :)  Thank you, Ana, and I hope I can use your services in a future!

Yelena Lanskaya