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In Mojácar during the day, you can tapa in the bars, or settle down to a full lunch in o­ne of our restaurants.  When the evening sun gives up its daily struggle with the magic of the Mojácar night you may find yourself easily drawn to the many agreeable cocktail bars and pubs which are scattered both throughout the town as well as along the beach.

Mojácar’s cuisine is simple yet genuine, without presumption.  A kitchen of iron pots, a stove and a kettle.  A mixture of old traditions with an original and noticeable Arab influence married into a delightful combination of peasant dishes.  There are delicious recipes to be tried, from the simple Crema Mojaquera, to Gurullos, Tarbinas, Pelotas, White or Colorao Garlic, Las Gachas, Las Migas, the Èncebollao, or rich fish soup Caldo de Pescao.  There are many different game dishes o­n offer such as rabbit and partridge.  From the Mediterranean, alongside our internationally known prawn and giant prawn, there’s a wealth of small and large fish to be tried, plus squid and octopus – fried or just cooked o­n the hot-plate with a little pinch of salt to bring out the full quality and flavour of these marine delicacies.

However, despite the importance of the rich and varied sea-food in our diet, it is the produce from our gardens (potatoes, peppers, o­nions, tomatoes, lettuces and so o­n), together with their simple preparations, which are perhaps the strongest note of our traditional cuisine.  Visitors are regularly surprised to discover the rich and enjoyable varieties of those easily prepared so-called `poor man’s dishes´.

After enjoying some of the above mentioned specialities of the area, we recommend that you try some of the homemade desserts, with intriguing names like Buñuelos, Tortas de Manteca and so o­n.  Of course, there are many varieties of fresh local fruit, like oranges, mandarins, prickly pears, figs…  Mojácar is also a cosmopolitan town, with a truly international flavour reflected in her restaurants which include Chinese, Indian, Italian etc, and by the way, don’t forget to enjoy your Mojácar paella!