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Legal Disclaimer / Data Protection

Data Protection Statement

Your privacy and the protection of your personal data is important to us and fully compliant with the guidelines of the European GDPR regulation.


Personal Data

Interacting with our website is meant to be an engaging and user-friendly experience and in order for you to take full advantage of the features and services offered we may require you to provide personal data to us.

There are several contact forms on this website all of which are used to put you in contact with a RMB SPAIN representative who will assist you with your inquiry. Some of these forms collect very basic data like your name, email and phone, however others collect more detailed personal data such as you address information.

My RMB SPAIN gives users the ability to create their own account on the RMB SPAIN website and take advantage of advanced features such as saving favorite listings or saving listing searches. Users can also connect to agents and interact with them in a safe and secure environment allowing agents to go to work and help find the property of your dreams or sell your current property.


Who has access to your information?

Regardless of which form you submit, you can rest assured your information will be sent to a RMB SPAIN representative and no-one else. Most of the time this individual is a RMB SPAIN associate who will follow up on your interest in a listing. However for inquiries such as career opportunities or franchise sales, your data will be sent to an office, regional or international representative of RMB SPAIN.


How do we protect your personal data?

In the RMB SPAIN circle, your data can only be accessed by designated RMB SPAIN representatives with a username and password. Outside of the RMB SPAIN circle, your personal data can only be accessed by staff of the company acting as the data processor, Leovinci Consulting S.L who is responsible for the development and maintenance of the website as well as storing your data.

Your personal data is stored on secure servers, the functioning of which is compliant with European guidelines of data processing and protection.


Right to access your personal data

Under GDPR, you have the right to access your personal data that we store in our systems. We provide you the ability to do so through the Access Your Personal Data page or contact form.


Data Portability

You also have the right to data portability, which means we need to give you the ability to download your data from us in a common format should you need to transfer it to another party.

Requesting access to your personal from the Access Your Personal Data page, you will receive your personal data in a secure email. This provides extra flexibility in regards to data portability, since you will be able to simply forward your data to another party or copy and paste it into a file type of your choosing.


Right to be Forgotten

GDPR also provides you the ability to have RMB SPAIN forget your personal data. Once this process is completed, all your personal data that can be used to directly or indirectly identify you will be made anonymous.

Example: Before: John Smith - After: NULL

To exercise your right to be forgotten, click the Forget Me button in the email generated when requesting access to your data on the Access Your Personal Data page.

As a consumer, you will also have the option to request a stop to all communications. This is useful in the case where you have established a business relationship with RMB SPAIN, in the form of a transaction or by taking advantage of any RMB SPAIN services. In such a case, RMB SPAIN reserves the right to hold your personal data for a duration of time set out by the local government.

In this case your right to be forgotten does not apply, however, you may wish to end communication from RMB SPAIN (marketing emails, new properties on the market etc). The stop communication button in the email will remove you from any mailing list or marketing campaign.




Legal Notice Disclaimer and Terms of Service

The website http://www.RMBspain.com is the property of Ana Marín Buchanan (hereinafter "AMB Management"), holder of Tax ID No. ES23021590Q, registered at C/ Aire, nº 57, 04628, Antas (Almería). Through this site real estate assets in Spain belonging to third parties are marketed.


Please read the following general terms and conditions carefully. By accessing this website (http://www.RMBspain.com) and any of the pages within it (hereinafter, the "Website") you will be considered as a User, as defined in the following paragraph, and it is assumed that you have accepted the corresponding Terms and Conditions. In some cases, access to any of these Website pages may be limited by the laws and provisions of the various jurisdictions of other countries. If you find yourself in this situation, it is possible that you will not be able to access all or part of the Website.

The information contained within this Website (hereinafter the "Information"), including certain properties, products and services, is aimed to be distributed among, and used by individuals, companies, businesses, trusts, and legal and natural persons, including any other organisation (hereinafter, all of these groups will be referred to as the "Users") either with registered address in Spain, or accessing the Website from Spain. This means that AMB Management does not accept any responsibility for Users who access the website from outside Spanish jurisdiction, even when these jurisdictions have legislation or regulations in place that restricts the use or distribution of such Information.

Certain properties, products and/or services might not be available or might be forbidden in certain jurisdictions outside of Spain, or for some Users in particular. Consequently, AMB Management reserves the right to restrict access to the Website or to parts of the same to anyone who does not meet the requirements of residence in Spain and/or accessing the Website from Spain.



Nature of the information

AMB Management has obtained the Information and material shown on the Website from what are considered reliable sources. Nonetheless, even though reasonable measures have been taken to ensure all of the Information is correct, AMB Management does not guarantee that it is accurate, complete or upto- date, and, as a consequence, Users should not assume otherwise. In order to confirm the Information and find out more about the same, Users should send the "Contact" form to us, which appears on the Website.

AMB Management does not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions in the Information included in the Website.

In addition, AMB Management reserves the right to amend the Information on different properties, and to suspend, cancel or restrict the contents of the Website, the links and the Information obtained through it, without prior warning.

Non-recommendation or offer

The Website does not provide investment recommendations or financing of any kind, nor legal, tax or any other kind of advice, and nothing included in the Website should be taken in consideration when making purchases or decisions. Furthermore, the Information contained in this Website is published for general use and does not take into account the particular needs of any User.

Consumer protection

The contents of this Website are for information purposes only and in no circumstances should be used or considered as an offer of sale, financing, request for an offer to purchase or recommendation to perform any other transaction, unless expressly indicated otherwise.

The information and documentation on offer is in accordance with Royal Decree 515/1989 of 21 April, in relation to the protection of consumer rights with regard to information to be supplied for buying, selling and leasing properties, and it will be put at the disposal of buyers in their respective regional offices.

Risks associated with use of the Site

Under no circumstances is AMB Management, including its offices, managers, directors, employees and authorised personnel to be held liable for any damages, losses, claims or fees of any kind, whether arising directly or indirectly from:

a) the use of the Website, of the Information acquired within it, and any circumstances in which the User feels the properties or services offered on the website do not meet expectations or are not suitable for their requirements;

b) third parties not complying with, or being late in complying with, partial compliance with or longer complying with any of their contractual obligations in any way, including any agreements with third parties made using the Website or accessed via the Website;

c) any computer viruses, interruptions or problems with the service, or problems with the internet connection;

d) any of the other usual risks associated with using the internet for commercial purposes. All of the above possibilities are hereinafter referred to in this Notice as "Risks". The use of the Website (understood as access to the Website), whether by accessing it through links, or other means, constitutes a warning to the User, and the User recognising that:

i) any of the Risks mentioned can occur, and

ii) that any of the mentioned Risks occurring does not entail the liability of AMB Management or any of its affiliates, its offices, managers, directors, employees and authorised personnel in any way.

The transmission or sending through the Website of any illegal or illicit content, computer viruses or messages that, generally speaking, affect or violate the rights of AMB Management, the Users, or of third parties is prohibited.

AMB Management does not accept liability for third party websites that may be accessed via links or any other content made available by third parties. Any use of links or access to websites not belonging to AMB Management is performed at the discretion and exclusive risk of the User. AMB Management does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained by or through any link, nor does it accept any liability for any loss, claim or damage arising from the use or misuse of any link, or of the information obtained through it, including other links or websites, interruption to the service or access, or the attempt to use or misuse a link, whether upon accessing the Website or upon accessing the information on other sites from the Website.

Use of cookies

In certain cases, this Website will use small data files known as Cookies, which are generated in the computer of the User and permit the following information to be obtained:

Date and time of the Users last visit to the Site

Content design chosen by the User upon his/her first visit to the Site

Security elements which intervene in user access to restricted areas

Generally, the cookies will only be active for a limited period of time. None of the cookies will allow AMB Management or other Users to obtain the telephone number of the User, nor his or her email address or any other contact details, unless the User deliberately provides third parties with this information. None of the cookies will allow information to be taken from the Users hard drive, and they will not allow personal information to be obtained. The only way that the Users personal details will be held by cookies is if the User provides this information to the server.

The User has the option to prevent the generation of Cookies by selecting the corresponding option in his/her browser, although the deactivation of this option can prevent the proper functioning of the website, in certain circumstances.


This Website is the property of AMB Management. The Intellectual and Industrial Property rights and exploitation and reproduction rights of this Website, its pages, screens, the Information they contain, their appearance and design, as well as the links that are set up from this Website to other websites of any company belonging to AMB Management are the exclusive property of AMB Management (and/or the other companies in its group), unless otherwise specified. All the names, designs and/ or logos that make up this Website are duly registered trademarks or currently in progress. Any improper use of these by persons other that their legitimate owner may be pursued in accordance with the legislation in force. The intellectual property rights and trademarks of third parties are appropriately distinguished and must be respected by all those who access the Website. The content of the Website may be downloaded, copied or printed, exclusively for personal and private use. It may not be used for the personal gain of any individual or private or public business by selling, transferring or otherwise sharing the content. The reproduction, transmission, amendment or removal of the Information, content or notices on this Website without the prior written authorisation of AMB Management is strictly prohibited. In addition, it is strictly prohibited for third parties outside of AMB Management to use this website for commercial means. In particular, it is prohibited for any third party, whether classed as a User or otherwise, to use, transfer or share any of the information included in this service in a way that competes with AMB Management in any way, but especially in a way that constitutes anticompetitive behaviour.


The User agrees, at his or her own expense, to indemnify and maintain AMB Management, its directors and employees, harmless against any claims, complaints, lawsuits or other legal proceedings brought against any of the foregoing, when said claim, complaint, legal action or proceeding arises in connection with this service or any links on it, including the following:

i) misuse of the Website by the User or any other person using your computer,

ii) breach of the terms and conditions, either by the User or any other person accessing the Website from the Users computer,

iii) any omissions, additions, insertions or alterations to, or any unauthorised use of the service by the User or any third party accessing the Website from the Users computer,

iv) the falsification or alteration of the Users identity (also known as "phishing").

The User agrees to pay AMB Management or any other entity who suffers damages as a result of the actions described in the preceding paragraph for all the expenses incurred, including, without limitation, reasonable fees for legal services and the expenses arising from the claims, complaints or other proceedings relating thereto.


These general terms and conditions shall be governed by Spanish law.


1. Privacy Policy

AMB Management has designed a privacy policy, which includes the procedures necessary to comply with the policy.

In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection (Law 15/1999 of 13 December), personal data refers to "any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person."

The only personal data to which AMB Management has access to are the details provided by the User voluntarily. This means the User should be aware that in order to register for certain products/services offered on the Website, he or she will be asked to provide some personal information, and it is always strictly voluntary to provide said information. With regard to the data expressly provided to the User, in certain circumstances it may not be possible to access or use some services and content without providing some information. As an example, the User may be asked for identification data, and other details, as appropriate, which are legally required or necessary to provide the information requested or to provide a certain service. The Data is collected by AMB Management with the purpose indicated in Data Protection Clause set out below.

To comply with current regulations, AMB Management has adopted the necessary technical and organisational measures to maintain the level of security required for personal data.

In addition, AMB Management has mechanisms in place to avoid the unauthorised access and modifications to and loss of data, as far as possible.

However, if you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other people, which means that third parties will have access to your information.

With regard to the foregoing, you are advised to be extremely careful in this regard and use of all the safety tools at your disposal to avoid this. AMB Management is not responsible for the removal, modification or loss of illicit data.

Users have the legally recognised rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as applicable, with respect to personal data, and may exercise these rights by writing to the address given in the Data Protection Clause shown below. In addition, the User can revoke authorisation granted for the use or transfer of data, without prejudice to the right of AMB Management to terminate the contract or transaction in question, if such data is essential for the successful completion of said contract or transaction. You can also modify the data provided to AMB Management via the Website, in the manner indicated therein.

2. Data Protection Clause

The User, if a natural person, is informed that the personal data that AMB Management has access to as a result of a request, proposal or any other documents sent by the User (including reservation contracts, leases, or buying and selling contracts for a property), or as a result of data registered on the Website, will be held on file by AMB Management, and this company will therefore by authorised to process such data to manage any requests.

Also, the User expressly authorises AMB Management to use his or her data in the development of related advertising for properties owned or marketed through the Website, which may then be sent by email or an equivalent means of communication. If you do not give your consent to your information being used in this manner, please tick the corresponding box.

Likewise, the Users details will be transferred to the owner of the asset in question when it is necessary to answer a query about the property in question. We recommend you consult the data protection policy on the respective Websites.

For third-party properties on the website, your data will be provided to the owner of the asset about which information is requested where necessary for the management of the request, and to that sole effect. We recommend you consult the data protection policies on the respective websites.

Furthermore, the User authorises said data to processed by AMB Management and/ or transferred to any Spanish entity which is an affiliate for advertising any other real estate or financial service, including by email or any other means of communication. If you do not give your consent to your information being used in this manner, please tick the corresponding box.

The User is informed of his or her right to oppose, access, modify and cancel personal data under the terms provided by law. The User may exercise this right in writing, through a letter containing a copy of the Users identity document, addressed to the company, as follows:

AMB Management, C/ Aire, nº 57, 04628, Antas (Almería).

Providing the data requested with respect to this document is compulsory, and the party in charge of the file shall be AMB Management, with registered address for this purpose at the aforementioned address.

A efectos de lo dispuesto en la normativa vigente relativa a la protección de datos de carácter personal, le informo que sus datos están incorporados a un fichero automatizado de datos de carácter personal, creado bajo la responsabilidad de ANA Mª MARÍN BUCHANAN, comprometiéndose al cumplimiento de su obligación de secreto de los datos de carácter personal y de su deber de guardarlos, y adoptará las medidas de seguridad necesarias, según lo dispuesto en la Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal. Así mismo, le comunicamos que puede ejecitar los derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición establecidos por la citada normativa mediante petición escrita dirigida a: ANA Mª MARÍN BUCHANAN, C/ Aire, nº 57, 04628, Antas (Almería), Mobile: 678 347 125, Skype: RMBSpain, Email: info@RMBspain.com, Website: www.RMBspain.com